The S3 five-step interactive strategic marketing plan process

Marketing plans range from the ridiculously over complicated to the overly simplistic. There is one—and only one—thing that a plan should do, and that is give you more business! Contact S3 Solutions for a clear map to your organization’s strategic marketing needs.

1: Choose Your Path 

What exactly are you?

2: Choose Your Guests (or Audience)

Market yourself to the right customers                      

3: Hand-Craft Your Marketing Materials

Takes time & talent. But, hey, your creating the very voice of your brand

4: Become Your Biggest Advocate

Taking ownership of your message is key

5: Track Your ROI

Monitoring and modifying in order to maximize! 

Effective and sustainable marketing plans will engage and guide the audience through all six-stages of the classic “Sales Conversation Cycle”

the Six-stage is: “Conversation Cycle”

  1. Dreaming
  2. Planning
  3. Sale / Buying
  4. Experiencing
  5. Sharing
  6. Remembering (preparing for repeat sales)

 Contact S3 Solutions for a clear formula to solve your organizations strategic marketing needs.

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