Why You Need a Social Media Solution – Part 3

Social media within business has become a necessity for continued growth and customer engagement. Business leaders who understand the true value of social media now have a strong commitment to its important role in today’s market.

S3 Solutions continues sharing thoughts on a half-dozen solutions for your organizations successful social media solution.  Here we look at the role of:



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Not having a social media plan in place can lead to setbacks or put an organization at risk due to lack of coordination. For example, multiple responses could be posted when only one is truly needed, which could lead to customer dissatisfaction or worse. To avoid a social media crisis, it’s best to develop a workflow that encompasses multiple business functions, product groups, geographies, etc., to correctly serve your enterprise-wide messaging, and all appropriate social media channels.


It’s critical to start by working closely with your organizations core stakeholders to ensure everyone is in agreement with all the necessary social media goals and objectives. The key players should agree on how your goals are reflected through communication channels. The discussion is often best facilitated by a third-party partner and it should cover the over-arching mission, marketing plan, customer service, sales, as well as external and internal communication.


Establishing a cohesive process is necessary to create an effective and sustainable plan. Interviewing your top business team about their existing workflow and specific business goals will allow those individuals to provide input and valuable feedback. Once all suggested processes are analyzed and evaluated, you can develop an enhanced communications plan that will meet the growing needs of your business.


When launching a new communications plan and process, don’t forget to implement corresponding training and education sessions for employees involved in any aspect of the social media process. This should include real-time testing for flagging, tagging, and sharing messages, which will ensure the proper follow-up is managed correctly. By simulating these actions, including potential crisis situations, the teams will gain hands-on experience to deal with the newly introduced media plan and process.

Implementing an organized social media work plan is essential to efficiency and key to customer satisfaction. An appropriate plan will effectively serve your market on all social media channels, as well as support multiple business functions, locations, and product groups.

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